10 Days. 7 Zones. Over 30 Art &
Cultural programmes, performances
and installations!

Unlock the colours of the Civic District

Experience thrilling colour-inspired art installations, activities and performances as the entire Civic District comes alive each night across 7 different zones from National Gallery Singapore to Esplanade Park!

Art Skins on Monuments, Chromascope Interactive Facade and Colourscape Tunnel

See the Civic District as you’ve never seen it before as the facades of these monuments are transformed into works of art inspired by colour, light and sound! Embark on a kaleidoscopic art walk each night and take in the stunning visuals and gorgeous architecture.

Immersive Art Installations and Commissions

Featuring commissioned works from internationally renowned artists like Ho Tzu Nyen, David Medalla, Pinaree Santipak, teamLab, Lee Ming Wei and many more, these art installations are open daily and confront audiences with fragile beauty and moving performances.

Extended hours to all your favourite museums

Enjoy extra time at your favourite museums as the partner institutions of the Civic District open their doors to you. Be sure to visit the exhibitions and discover unique perspectives on history through the art and artifacts on display.

Mesmerising Art and Music Performances and Public Programmes

With over 60 public programmes and performances, there's no lack of things to see and do! From music and theater performances by cutting-edge artists to enriching tours and public talks by art and history experts, you'll find thrilling new ways to see the world through the festival!

Creative Products and F&B Options at Art X Social

Blending the best of food and creative crafts and experiences, Art X Social will be your meeting point to recharge and uncover a unique, personal memento for yourself or family and friends.